What kind of manufacturing cost and quality pressures are you facing in the global market?

Are you trying to open new global markets and finding a local source for machined parts supply?

Are you looking for a long term partner in off-shore who will take your business to the next level?

U.S and Europe companies today are faced with year after cost reductions from their customers. Even small manufacturers are facing aggressive competition from overseas. To remain competitive, companies are looking for outsourcing opportunities to reduce their component costs while maintaining their core business in their current facilities. Boly provides the infrastructure and experience to simplify the initial transition and facilitate the outsourcing of machined parts worldwide.

We use advance CNC machines that maintain tight tolerances on each machined component. These machines equip with auto feed systems reducing time in process which means lower costs for the customer. Also it allow quick set-up and operations resulting in production consistency. We are able to pre-set jobs off-line, which reduces the on-line set-up time increasing machine utilization.

At Boly you get high-end engineering and manufacturing; a flexible and responsive production structure; and the ability to utilize a range of production, assembly and testing services, all in one place.

Boly service commitments:

Complete outsourcing solution:

Is any of the following true for your company?

Boly is a value-added partner to the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs.)  If any of these are true for your Company, contact our sales for further business discussion.