Boly provides industry expertise in CNC machining, Swiss screw machining and secondary operation. Each new job at Boly goes through a detailed development process before the print is released to the production department. We work with your internal team to create the appropriate processes and high quality products to meet or exceed your manufacturing objectives with most cost-effective solutions.

Our services range from rapid turnaround on quotes and prototypes, to the availability of our graduate engineering staff for complimentary consultations. Our engineering team provides design idea on your components and assemblies to ensure the highest quality and most cost-effective manufacturing solutions. Sales engineers are responsible for program management, ensuring that your needs are met throughout the ordering, manufacturing and delivery processes.

We provide a full line of CNC and Swiss turning and secondary operation capacity for finishing complex workpieces. An extensive complement of imported Japanese Swiss turning machine employing the latest technologies provides the precision advantage to meet close tolerances, tight concentricity, fine finish and complex features.

We offer assembly to complement your particular needs, often providing customers with a complete subassembly of several parts that we have also manufactured. We have seamless partnerships with outsourcing company, allowing us to utilize their capabilities in conjunction with our own.

  Service Overview:

  Manufacturing Capabilities include:

CNC Turning Horizontal Milling
CNC Swiss Turning Honing
Automatic Screw Machining Stamping
Surface Grinding Thread Rolling
Centerless Grinding Abrasive Tumbling
Inner / Outer Grinding Ultrasonic Cleaning
Vertical Milling Value Added Assembly