Boly does not only supplies precision machined parts, we offers a broad range of assembly and test services supported by our highly skilled build and test personnel. Our team is capable of assembly and measurement to +/-.0005 levels, and this degree of precision has helped our customers realize the competitive advantage of outsourcing their assembly operations.

Besides machining, we are ready-to-install light assemblies and systems. Small, medium and large series are produced and tested with the aid of special assembly fixtures and their functions documented in functional tests. Depending on the application and requirement, Boly designs and builds the assembly fixtures in-house in a special engineering and tool shop.

We offer light assembly typically includes such things as O-ring insertion, light duty press fitting by using snapping, press fitting, riveting, crimping, speed screwing and hand assemblies, etc.

Here are some samples for light assembly processes.

Testing is core to our operational activity, enabling us to achieve exceptionally high quality and to prove the performance of an assemblyprior to delivery. All our assemblies are diligently tested and recorded,both in line with our customers’ specifications and our own stringent standards.

We offer a broad range of testing facilities, incorporating torque-tension test, hardness test, roughness of surface measure, salt spray test and microscopictesting.