A total quality management system and certification to ISO 9001:2008 enables Boly to maintain and measure all processes. We are committed to the continuous improvement of productivity, service, quality and efficiency.  We demand the best of ourselves and the best for our customers. That is why we incorporate a rigorous quality management system that reflects a continual commitment to supplying high-quality machined parts. As a direct result of the coordinated contributions of all departments, we have been able to achieve industry certifications and compliances.

Attitude for “zero defects”
Our comprehensive ISO certified quality system controls every part from order entry, to final delivery at your dock. Quality engineer relies on the latest state-of-the-art measuring devices to monitor every step of the machining process. From raw material receiving, first piece, in-process, subcontractor services, final completion, to shipping. We inspect to the customer’s A.Q.L. level and/or perform statistical controls, as requested. Quality department maintains complete records of part quality and lot traceabilityto raw materials which available for customer evaluation.

At Boly our focus on quality is embraced in all sectors of our company. We are constantly striving to achieve our ultimate goal of “zero defects”. We proactively investigate the root cause and immediately implement a corrective action. These preventative measures are then implemented, tracked and evaluated to verify their effectiveness. At Boly, we continue to improve our quality system through constant evaluation, education and commitment. We continue to strive for our goal of “zero defects”.

A wide variety of capacities to accurately measure any dimension.

New order begins a comprehensive plan that is designed to maximize productivity and minimize costs. This plan includes the selection of the most appropriate equipment and tooling, and establishes outside finishing requirements, packaging, and shipping methods.

Material Control
From bar stock to finished components, each component can be traced to the original incoming lot number with material certificate from mill.

Production Plan
Product quality planning begins with a request for sampling. Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality team develop and track the production process to insure customer satisfaction.

Documentation includes:

A production approval process exists for both new parts and repeat orders. Our quality team insures all requirements are met using:

In process Inspection Control
Our inspectors are meticulously trained, tested and certified to military and industrial inspection and testing standards. They have the mechanical expertise to check machine setups, identify potential problems and prevent errors before the parts are made.

To prevent damage, we use clean, structurally dependable containers designed to cushion and protect each components. When necessary, components are assembled and packaged in isolated clean areas to prevent contamination. We want all the care and attention that went into the manufacture and design of your product to be evident when it arrives at its destination.