As a recognized machine shop in lean manufacturing, Boly has a continuous improvement culture engrained in the organization. Since the early 90’s, we have driven the lean mentality into every aspect of our business. From receipt of material to manufacturing, packaging and shipping, through purchasing and customer service, every effort is made to assure perfect quality, real time delivery and 100% compliance to customer specifications. Our employees are constantly developing process, cost, efficiency and quality improvements through our many day-to-day improvement practices.

Our lean manufacturing principles optimize production and reduce downtime and waste, keeping our per part cost low.

Some of the initiatives we have put in place to achieve our lean manufacturing goals include:

Additionally, our supply chain system with material supplier helps us on costs control and ensures availability.

With its beginnings in the Japanese manufacturing sector Lean Manufacturing has led to successfully changing the Quality and Efficiency Philosophy throughout the world.

We strive to adhere to the principles of Lean manufacturing by continually trying to weed out the Seven Wastes:

With 45 years of consistent performance, Boly is recognized for superior quality, exceptional customer service and response and best in class delivery of high precision machined parts that guarantee superior performance in any customer product.

As shown by our world class leading indicators:

As a result of these advancements, we are able to pass on the benefits of time, quality and lowest total cost of quality to our customers.